How it begins

9th-grade-english-textbook_136276_largeSince I was 11 years old I used to like English language very much as my first language is Arabic and the first foreign language in my country (Algeria) is french however English is ranked as the my third language but I had some passion to learn it.

In my first year of English and the first week of my English class during the middle school My teacher asked us if we don’t have an English textbook we should go out and buy one or bring our parents to her. Unfortunately, I did not have a book so i was going out with a dozen of other students. when I was walking towards the door our teacher called my name and said: you, where are you going?. I answered as I don’t have a book. She said: “go back to your seat”. I believe she said that because those who went out didn’t bring the book deliberately but in my case. I didn’t have a book. Those words gave me such a love to the English as they came from an English teacher who I loved very much.

Since than I have been always the best in my class when it comes to English, until I become 18 years old and I had the baccalaureate exam (The passing exam from the high school to the university). I had to choose between many different subjects inorder to take as a major at university but Since English was there it saves me all the time to choose, So my choice was English with closed eyes. In addition, I used to say: No matter how is my rank in the exam, I will choose English. and that is what happened.

Then my real story with English started…


The survival at university 

The University as it sounds from its name for every student is a survival place and a period that makes students just work hard to not fall because as it is said :” between the age of 21 and 26 decides how your future will be”. I am no different from everyone, I had to survive to go higher. 

When I got in the university (Djillali Liabes. Sidi bel Abbes. Algeria, my first year (2009-2010) was an exploration to the academic life where I found everything and everyone speaking in English in the classes as my subject was English, surprisingly literature and British/American civilization. Because my fear was reading. The classes were new for me as we had only one grammar class unlike before when I  used to have only Grammar class thrice a week. Our linguistic teacher was speaking British accent which at that time I  couldn’t understand. 

During the first year, I was very inspired by my teachers who are doctors and professors so I built a dream to reach which is to become a writer and a professor. So I started making my way to this dream and the first rule was to never think that I am surviving but I am enjoying. It was said to us that who ever join  the make up exam have no right to go to the masters degree which was the first step to achieve my dream. 

I can never forget when I had a low mark in a module which I had no way but to join the make up exam in order to pass that year. I spent all week thinking about it and my dream was coming and going as clouds in the sky that I couldn’t catch it. I prepared myself for it and left the house running behind my dream to the make up exam. When I reached the university, i saw my friends sitting in the exam and I was making my way to there but something in my heart told me:” don’t go. Failing in one module is not going to make you lose your dream” so I just came back and took the risk and said to myself: ” if a miracle happen. I will get my dream if not I won’t get my dream.” 

At the end of the year, the miracle happened which is the other modules that I did well in them compensate the module that I failed in. It was a lesson for me which is never lose hope and keep your dreams prioritised no matter what happens. 

Master degree was a big step in my left towards my dreams and has a lot of hidden miracles that I have never expected in my life…